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Implementation Standards and Specific Guidelines Governing the Athlete Agent Interview Program
Sponsored by Frank Phillips College
  1. Scheduling of interviews
    • Interviews will be at the conclusion of each sport’s season
    • Interviews will not conflict with any academic obligation
    • The interview period will run from November until May, inclusive, of the current year
      • Volleyball - November
      • Basketball - January
      • Baseball - January
      • Softball - January
    • Interviews will be no longer than sixty minutes in length
  2. All interviews will be conducted at the discretion of the Athletic Director on the campus of Frank Phillips College
  3. Terms and conditions under which a registered Athlete Agent may contact a student athlete during an interview period
    • Requests will be made one (1) week in advance
    • All requests will be made through the Office of the Athletic Director
    • All requests must be in hard copy format, i.e. email, fax, or mail.
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