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Online Deposits
Parents and/or students can transfer funds from an existing bank account using our ONLINE DEPOSITS web page.

In-Person – Herring Bank Branch
You can make a deposit to your Plainsmen Card at any Herring Bank branch. Present your ID card when making a deposit to identify yourself as a Plainsmen Card holder.

Amarillo Branches

Civic Downtown
2201 Civic Circle  1001 S. Harrison
Amarillo, TX 79109 Amarillo, TX 79101
806-677-7000 806-342-4462
Westgate United
2500 S. Coulter 5807 SW 45th
Amarillo, TX 79106 Amarillo, TX 79109
806-358-3700 806-358-2400
123 Kearney  
Clarendon, TX  79226  

Payroll Direct Deposit
Present your routing and account numbers to your employer. Your routing number is 111302846. You can obtain your account number by calling 1-866-348-3435.

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