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Changing Your Schedule
Add, Dropping, or Withdrawing from a Course
Important: Adding, dropping, or withdrawing may affect financial aid, veterans' benefits, international student status, or academic standing.
Schedule Changes – Add/Drops
You can see your Faculty Advisor or Student Central to add or drop classes during the schedule change periods published in the academic calendar.
Click here for current details on schedules changes, tuition payments, and refunds.
Withdrawing from a Course
You may withdraw from a class at any time before the withdrawal deadlines published in the academic calendar. Dropping out of class or notifying the instructor does not constitute authorized withdrawal. Students who fail to officially withdraw from a course are at risk of receiving an F on their transcript.  The procedure for withdrawing is:
• Obtain a drop form from Student Central or the Admissions Office.
• Obtain the faculty instructor's signature for the course from which you are withdrawing.
• Bring the drop form to the Admissions and Records office for data entry.
NOTE: Per state law, students enrolling for the first time in fall 2007 or later at any Texas college or university may not withdraw (receive a W) from more than six courses during their undergraduate college career. Some exceptions for good cause could allow a student to withdraw from a course without having it count toward this limit. Students are encouraged to carefully select courses; contact the Vice-President of Academic Affairs with any questions concerning this law.
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