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Frank Phillips College Plainsmen Email

All Frank Phillips College students are provided a college email address upon registration.

Open a web browser and type the following web address:  http://mail.live.com/

Once you reach the Plainsmen E-mail website, you’ll be asked for a user name and password.  Please follow the instructions below to enter this correctly:

Username = Plainsmen portal id@student.fpctx.edu

Password = your birth date

Let’s take, for example, a student with the following information:

Name: John Johnson

Student ID: 12345

Portal ID: Johnson12345

Birth date: 1/1/1988

This person would log into Plainsmen E-Mail by using the following username and password:

Mail Username: johnson12345@student.fpctx.edu (this will be the your new e-mail address)

Password: 1/1/1988 (the slashes are included in the password)

Note:   Your password is your birth date.  When entering your password, notice the direction of the slashes, and that there are no leading zeroes in the date. For example, a person born on April 1st 1988 would enter their password as 4/1/1988 and not in the format of 04/01/1988.

Please allow 2 days for your account to become active. 

After logging in, you will be able to send and receive email.

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