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Traditional Education Vs. Online Education
These are some helpful definitions to help you decide which learning environment is right for you.
Traditional Education: Face-to-face or traditional education describes the most common classroom-type environment. These terms describe students who regularly attend classes in the traditional classroom environment. Students may or may not also participate in other types of educational delivery. This environment can include lectures, discussions, laboratories, etc. It is also referred to as face-to-face or on-campus education. Students who only attend face-to-face courses are referred to as traditional students.
Online Education: Online learning that occurs through Web-based delivery. Online courses provide interaction between the student and the content, the student and other students, and the student and the instructor using various forms of computer mediated communication (CMC). This interaction takes place through Email, course announcements, and discussion board postings. Online students participate in an electronic community of learners, in their most comfortable setting and during their most convenient time.
Computer System Requirements & Software Requirements for Online Courses
Students interested in taking online courses must have access to a computer with the following system requirements:
Windows 2000 or higher.
An ISP (Internet Service Provider) capable of supplying a connection speed of at least 56k.
Email: Students are supplied with an FPC email address upon registration. Email communication is a major form of communication in online learning, as students are encouraged to check course email daily.
Web Browser Internet Explorer 7 or newer.
Screen Resolution of at least 800 X 600.
Students interested in taking Introduction to Computing (COSC1301) or Advanced Microcomputer Applications (BCIS1405) online must have access to a computer with the following software requirements:
Microsoft Office 2010 downloaded onto their computer
What If I Encounter Technical Problems?
It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor immediately regarding technical difficulties. Technical difficulties could consist of the student's computer crashing, proper software not being downloaded onto the student's computer, etc. Frank Phillips College will not supply or purchase computer equipment or software programs for online student home use. If the Frank Phillips College Website or the student portal in CAMs becomes inaccessible, the instructor should be notified immediately to ensure the problem is corrected in a timely fashion. All online students are welcome to access online courses from the ARC Lab or Library, during scheduled business hours. Online courses are accessible from any Internet ready computer regardless of location.
Questions? Comments? Please contact the Frank Phillips College Coordinator of Online Instruction:
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