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Frank Phillips College Student Portal Orientation

Logging into the student portal - Open web browser, type the following web address:  http://student.fpctx.edu, type in username and password, make sure to select correct term, then click the log in button.

Navigating the Home Screen - You can move around the Student Portal by clicking on one of the links on the left side of the screen.  Logging in will display the Student Portal home page.  The news section will display important items/announcements for students to check out!  The right side of the screen is a list of courses the student is registered for in that term.  Select the course you wish to enter.

Course Documents will take you to each unit or chapter in the course.  Each unit or chapter will be made up of an introduction, lecture, activities, and wrap up.  The course syllabus will also be posted in this area, and other important information such as the course outline, course due dates, instructor office hours, source information, and course data files.  It is recommended for all students to print the course syllabus.

Announcements notify you of any announcements posted by the instructor

Course Information is another place of instructor text information.

Faculty Contact Information provides contact information for the instructor of the course.

Email - Students may email other students in the class or a group of students in the class. A student can compose an email but will never see any other student’s email address. If more than one student was selected each student recipient will receive their own email with no other student’s email address on the email.  All students are provided with a college email address upon registering.

Text Book Information -  Textbooks for the class are displayed here.

Password -   Click the Forgot Student ID/ Password link to have this information emailed to the email address on record.  Students can change their passwords using the Change Password option.

Personal Information, address information, email, and website links can be changed here.  All students are encouraged to keep contact/address information updated at all times.

External Links takes you to a list of important web addresses or URL’s posted by your instructor.

Discussion Forum takes you to the student forum.  Here you will post answers to questions or your opinion on a topic.  All class members and the instructor will read your postings.  Your classmates or instructor can then write a reply to your statement or idea.

The Calendar can be used as a day planner. Enter items by clicking on the blue date hyperlink in the top left corner of each day. Faculty can also add calendar entries to all their students’ calendars to remind them of important class events.

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