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Frank Phillips College Online Tutoring Services        

Welcome to Frank Phillips College’s online tutoring assistance program for distance learning students.  We have a list of websites for study skills assistance, as well as a list of subject websites.  As a quick reference add these sites to your favorites.  As you begin to prepare yourself remember these short tips:

  • Your instructor is your first line of defense, feel free to contact him or her with any questions you may have.
  • When emailing your instructor or tutor be prepared and direct with your questions so that you can receive maximum benefit from your instructor or tutor.
  • Communicate:  let your tutor know about grades, or remarks from your instructor as well as any other relevant information 
  • Be involved in your session as a distance learner your tutor is your second line of defense stay in contact and let him or her know what is going on with your class work and how you are progressing
  •  Be precise in your description when emailing your tutor remember he or she will not have the information you have.

Contact Info
Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about the Tutoring Lab.  In order to register for the online tutoring program please send an email to Marcus Miers at mmiers@fpctx.edu.
On campus tutoring takes place in the ARC located at 1301 Roosevelt in the library building.  If you have any questions regarding individual, group or online tutoring please contact:

Marcus Miers
Writing Coach

Online tutoring will be available to any student enrolled in an internet or distance learning course.

When can I email a tutor?
After contacting the Tutor Facilitator by email a student then has access to online tutors. Tutors from chosen subjects have selected days and times that they will be available online to answer questions or give academic assistance.


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