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The James W. Dillard Library has 27 computers which are available to both FPC students and members of the public. Library staff reserves the right to provides students access to computers over members of the public. The library computers are filter-free and designed to allow for the exploration of academic topics and has all software required in courses at FPC. The library computers do not allow for the saving of documents on the hard drives, therefore students need to provide their own USB storage device if they wish to download files or save their documents when working on the computers. Although computers are not restricted to academic usage only, please be mindful of others when viewing materials in the library.
FPC has the right to place reasonable restrictions on material that is accessed or posted through the system. All library users are expected to follow all computer regulations approved by the FPC Administration and Board of Regents. Violations of these regulations could result in removal of college computer access.
1. Use of the College Internet Link for commercial purposes or any attempt to offer, provide or purchase products or services is not allowed.
2. Political lobbying is not allowed on the FPC Internet Link. However, the system can be used to communicate with elected representatives and to express an opinion on political issues.
3. Personal contact information about other people is not allowed. Personal information includes: addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
4. Unauthorized access to the FPC Internet Link, any attempt to disrupt the college's system or destroy data by spreading a computer virus is forbidden and could result in legal prosecution.
5. Any attempt to log in through another person's account or access their computer is strictly forbidden.
6. Any attempt to harass, post false or defamatory information about another person or organization is strictly forbidden and could result in legal prosecution.
The FPC Library respects the privacy and confidentiality of its patrons. The library will do its utmost to respect the intellectual freedom of its library users for the purpose of educational research. This statement does not cover the following actions:
Plagiarism Copyright Infringement - Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and could result in immediate expulsion from the college library. The rights of Copyright owners will be respected. Since Copyright Law can be very confusing, please consult with the library staff regarding copyright issues.
Access to Pornographic Material on the Internet - Use of the FPC Internet Link to view material that is deemed obscene (pornographic), advocates violence, illegal activity or discriminates against other people (hate literature or images) is forbidden.
A library user's right to free speech applies also to communication on the Internet. FPC reserves the right to restrict a library patron's freedom of use on the Internet for valid educational reasons. The College will not restrict free speech on the basis of a disagreement with the opinions an individual wishes to express.
1. The school will cooperate fully in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through the FPC Internet Link.
2. Library users found guilty of violating this policy, resulting from a reasonable investigation, will be dealt with in a manner set forth in the college rules.
1. Library users should expect limited privacy in the contents of their personal files on a school system.
2. Routine maintenance and monitoring of the FPC Internet Link may lead to discovery that this policy has been violated.
3. An individual search will be conducted if there is a reasonable suspicion that this policy has been violated. The investigation will be reasonable and related to the suspected violation.
FPC cannot guarantee that the functions or services provided through its Internet Link will be error-free or without defect. The College will not be responsible for any damages a library user may suffer due to the following:
1. Loss of data or interruption of service
2. Accuracy or quality of information obtained or stored on the system
3. Financial obligations arising through the unauthorized use of the system
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