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Housing Safety


Throughout the semester, residence halls will have tornado drills to train students on the proper places to go and proper ways of handling a tornado situation.  Any student in the building at the time of a tornado drill who does not participate in the drill will be subject to disciplinary action.  These drills are to be taken seriously and could save your life and the life of one of your fellow classmates.

Frank Phillips College is equipped with a tornado shelter under the west side of the CLC building and under the stage of the auditorium.  During a tornado any student residing in the dorms should take a mattress or pillow and go into any interior room stay as far away from windows and doors as possible during a tornado.


Frank Phillips College dorm policy is to hold fire drills during the semester.  During these drills students in the dorm must participate in the complete routine.  Any student failing to participate in the drill will be subject to disciplinary action.

During a Fire Drill the Dorm Director, Resident Assistants (RA), Assistant Dorm Directors, and attending Administration will go through the dorm and open all rooms to see that all students are evacuated.  Then every room will be left open so that the attending fire fighters can go through the building and see that every room is empty.  Any student remaining in the room will be fined.

Goins Hall:  Any student being evacuated from Goins Hall must find the closest exit and meet at the gazebo across the street from the front door.  A roll will be taken at that point by the dorm director to see that all students have been evacuated and safe.

Stephens Hall:  Any student being evacuated from Stephens Hall must find the closest exit and meet at the oil pump jack across the street from the front door.  A roll will then be taken at that point by the dorm director to see that all students are evacuated and safe.

Tyler Street:  Any student being evacuated from Tyler Street must find the closest exit and meet at the church parking lot across the street.  A roll will then be taken at that point by the dorm director to see that all students are evacuated and safe.

At the end of the drill, students will be required to return to the building to go through a brief fire drill meeting with the Frank Phillips College safety instructor.

During severe weather or emergency situations the Dorm Directors will be available to give further instruction to the students.  Any student that encounters an emergency situation should contact their Dorm Director for further assistance.


Many of us are lulled into a false sense of security in campus housing.  The most vulnerable time for a students is during move in/ move out.  During this time there is a lot of activity and movement, and all too often we don’t pay attention to personal property.  Your residence hall room is your private area; however, keep in mind it’s not like your room at home.  The following is a  list of crime prevention tips that will help make your life in the residence hall more secure.

  • MOVING IN:  When moving in or out of your residence hall, always keep your car locked and know who is helping you.
  • CASH:  Don’t carry large amounts of cash.  Use traveler’s checks if possible and open bank account as soon as possible.
  • CHECKBOOKS:  Always keep up with your checkbook.  Secure and/or hide the box of unused checks.  If checks or credit cards are stolen, report the theft to your Dorm Director or campus security and contact your bank or credit card company immediately.
  • LOCK YOUR DOOR:  Whenever you leave your room or lie down to take a nap, regardless of the length of time, lock your door.  Most thefts occur while the resident is on the same hall.  It only takes a few seconds for someone to enter your room and steal your valuables.
  • GUESTS:  Be mindful of visitors to your room.  Do not take in overnight guest you do not know.  Get acquainted with other student residents in your hall as soon as possible
  • LAUNDRY:  Mark your clothes in a place other than the label with a laundry pencil or needle and thread.  When using laundry facilities in your building, if possible, do not leave clothing unattended.
  • REPORT:  Suspicious persons, solicitors and loud disturbances should be reported to your Dorm Director, Campus Security, or RA.
  • OPERATION ID:  Engrave all electronic equipment with an identification number such as a drivers license with the state initials.
  • HARASSING PHONE CALLS:  Harassing phone calls should be reported to the police department immediately.  Try to listen for background noises, record the time the call was received and what was said.  Housing should be notified as well.  Also check your caller ID, *69 or Call Tracer Options on your phone.
  • KEYS:  Report lost/stolen keys immediately.  Never loan your keys to anyone.

Safety programs are scheduled throughout the semester for the students on Frank Phillips College Campus.  For any further information please contact the Office of Educational Services, your Dorm Director or Campus security.


Frank Phillips College offers the opportunity for all full time students to apply for a FPC Access Housing Waiver for any semester in which they are enrolled full time at Frank Phillips College. For more information please contact Student Services at 806-457-4200, Ext.742. Agreement forms are available in Student Services.
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