Online Learning:  Is It Right For You?


Frank Phillips College offers distance-learning opportunities to its students, through means of online, Recorded Courses, Channel 63, and Distance Learning Room courses.

Online courses provide interaction between the student and the content, the student and other students, and the student and the instructor using various forms of computer mediated communication (CMC).  This interaction takes place through Email, real-time chat, course announcements, and discussion board postings.  Online students participate in an electronic community of learners, in their most comfortable setting and during their most convenient time.

Learning using an online medium is the responsibility of the student.  The online instructor serves as the facilitator by providing online information, activities, and feedback that the student uses to successfully progress through the course.  It is imperative that the online student keeps up with the required course work.  Online instructors do enforce due dates for course work, meaning online learning requires more self-discipline than traditional courses.  Not all students are distance learners.  This assessment tool is intended to help you to determine whether or not online courses are right for you and the results are completely confidential. This assessment tool does not assure student success or failure in any distance learning or traditional course or program.  If you would like to explore your online learning readiness, please complete the following survey. When finished, please click the “score” button.  

1.  Do you have access to a computer on the Internet?

Unlimited access.

5 to 15 hours per week.

Less than 5 hours per week.

2.  Do you feel comfortable using the Internet and sending/receiving e-mail?

Very comfortable.

Somewhat comfortable.

Not at all comfortable.

3.  How often do you use the Internet and send/receive e-mail?




4.  Are you self-motivated regarding assignment due dates?

I always meet my assignment due dates.

I usually meet my assignment due dates.

I seldom meet my assignment due dates.

5.  Are you able to follow written instructions?

I can follow written instructions, with little or no oral explanation.

I can follow written instructions, but sometimes need an oral explanation.

I usually need an oral explanation of instructions.

6.  Must you feel "included" or a part of a course?

This does not matter to me.

This is somewhat important to me.

This is very important to me.

7.  I characterize myself as someone who

Manages time well.

Sometimes struggles with time.


8.  My reading skills are:


Fairly strong.


9.  Attending traditional courses at Frank Phillips College is:

Too difficult for me.

Somewhat difficult for me.

Not at all difficult for me.

10.  When I need help in my course:

I do not hesitate to contact the instructor.

I hesitate to contact the instructor but do so anyway.

I do not contact the instructor.

11.  I expect instructor feedback on my assignments

Within a week, so I can make corrections.

Within a few days, so I can make corrections.

Immediately, or I become frustrated.

12.  The time I expect to spend on an online course is:

More than I would spend on a traditional course.

Equal to the time I would spend on a traditional course.

Less time than I would spend on a traditional course.

Explanation of Scoring:  

3 points are scored for each "a" that you select, 2 for each "b," and 1 for each "c."  A score of 24 points or more, indicates a high rate of success in an online learning environment.  A score between 13 and 23 indicates that online learning may prove successful for you, yet adjustments in your life, such as time management and study habits need to be made.  A score of 12 or less indicates at this time, online learning  may not be the best option for you.

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